I have had the pleasure of knowing Mary Yankee and greatly benefiting from her insights, talents and gifts for well over 10 years. Her spirit and her exquisite singing voice has been a tonic and soothing balm for my life. Thank you Mary for all that you offer.

~Bob Becker

Bob Becker Communications

Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with Reverend Mary Yankee, should JUMP at the opportunity. Her talents are unique and extraordinary. I am still deeply moved and comforted by the messages that she delivered to me; she helped me to heal some very deep wounds and I am immensely grateful for her gifts and her work. Love & Light.

Kristin Knowles

She helped me more then I ever thought possible! please call her she will change your life. 🙂
Shaun Clark


Mary Says …
I attract the best and brightest of advanced souls as my clients.  I feel deeply grateful and blessed to have been allowed to connect with them.  I am looking forward to meeting each of you and supporting you on this journey called life.  Blessings.