Cutting Energetic Cords

Energetic Body Cord Cutting

To set the stage I’ll give a bit of background on energetic cords.

(Disclaimer: This is all based on MY truth as I have found it to be through research, study, and my own experience.) Because we as humans exist in this third dimensional reality and have forgotten ‘Who We Are’, as well as our connection with the Divine Source Of All Creation, we have become indoctrinated to accept the fallacy that there is ‘not enough’ of anything, particularly love, energy, and nurturing. We learn as very young children how to manipulate our parents to get our needs met, and if we can’t get the energy we need through fair means, we’ll use foul. Cords came into being because we forgot that there is no lack in the Universe and instead of connecting to Spirit to get our needs met, we ‘hooked’ into each other using karmic monads to suck off what we could. Unfortunately our energy as human beings is far more finite than God’s and we get drained very quickly, aside from falling into the trap of repeating over and over the same behaviors that allow us to hook and be hooked. To become unhooked starts with being mindful of whom or what we may be attached to. Secondly, we need to get in touch with our resistance to releasing those to whom we are corded. Finally, we must consciously cut the cords and be willing to continue mindful of when the cords reattach, as they inevitably will. It can take several cord cuttings over the course of a month or two if one is working on a primary relationship. Less emotionally intimate relationships may be complete after only one session.

The Exercise:

Find a place that’s quiet and get comfortable in your chair. Begin by taking three deep breaths. As you draw in the air feel it go all the way down to your toes. Hold your breath for a count of three and then exhale. Do this 3 times and during each time allow your body to become more relaxed. Feel your shoulders drop, release the tension that you’ve carried without awareness and allow your body to become at rest.

Now, picture yourself in a theater. You are in the balcony, and the person from whom you wish to detach is on the stage. Call in your High Level Guides and Guardians, as well as your Christ Consciousness and do the same for the other person. Now call in Archangel Michael and His Legions.

Picture cords of energy between you and the person on the stage. You do not need to know what the attachments are between you; however, you do need to think about cutting the cords and feel any resistance within you to doing so. Cords are a two-way street. If we are energetically attached to someone it’s because we allowed them to cord to us. If we don’t explore why we allowed the cords to attach to begin with, then we will simply continue to be susceptible to these cords reattaching again and again.

Once you have become aware of any resistance within yourself, breathe into that feeling in your body and simply allow yourself to be present to the discomfort until it dissipates. You may have to explain to that wounded part of you that you do not need to give your energy away to be loved or cared for.

The following is the invocation I use, you may use it as is or word it in a way that feels comfortable to you:

“I call forth the energetic bonds between my physical body and (name)’s physical body, in this lifetime and across all lifetimes, in this planetary system and across all planetary systems, in this Universe and across all Universes, in this dimension and across all dimensions, in this reality and across all realities. I ask Archangel Michael and his legions to use their flaming swords and cut these energetic cords at a 45-degree angle, searing the ends so that they may remain detached forever. Saint Michael, please take (name)’s cords into the Light that he/she may receive all that they need from his/her Source, and I now ask that you take the ends of my cords into your hands and channel Divine Energy into them so that they may shrivel and desiccate, dissolve and dissipate, into the dust of stars from whence they came. I call upon Archangel Gabriel and ask that you blow this dust back to the stars where it may be reborn to a higher form. Thank you, Gabriel. Saint Michael, I ask that You and Your Legions fill this area of my physical/emotional/mental/life force energy body/spiritual body with (here you choose any colors that come to you – for instance, “the Green Ray, the Gold Ray, the Violet Ray of transmutation, etc.”) and seal this area with the Blue Flame of Protection and the Mirrored Shields of Protection now and forever. I ask that only Divine Love and Light be allowed to enter or attach to this area.”

You are going to do this invocation for the Physical body, the Emotional body, the Mental body, Life Force Energy (Kundalini) body, and the Spiritual body.

Once you have completed all five, you thank the participants, as well as the person with whom you have cut the cords, and you’re done. Be aware however, that the person with whom you have cut the cords may try to reattach to you almost immediately, whether in the physical world through text, phone or emails, or in the realm of the unconscious through dreams or even telepathy (this is not always conscious, it could be the other person thinking of you with emotional energy behind these thoughts). Stay vigilant and understand that you may have to do the exercise more than once.

Invocation to Archangel Michael



Invocations to Archangel Michael for Protection and Release




Every morning before starting your day it can be beneficial to invoke the power of Archangel Michael and His Legions for protection against any lower vibrational energies you may encounter during your day. Sit quietly and take a few deep breaths to relax yourself and connect with Spirit. Then say:


“Archangel Michael; I ask You and Your Legions to seal my energy with the blue flame of protection and the mirrored shields of protection (a pyramid of outward facing mirrors) now and forever. I ask that Divine Light and Love only be allowed to enter or attach to my energy.”


If you are going into a particularly negative situation then you can also ask for “…kunzite, tanzanite and the protective shields of emerald green fluorite” to surround you.


You can also invoke this protection before you sleep. You may find that you sleep more peacefully this way.


St. Michael has two disclaimers about this protection. One is about the Universal Law that “like attracts like”. If you speak or think negatively then you will attract that into your energy – the shields don’t apply when you’re inviting the energy in. The second disclaimer is that if you have a soul agreement or karmic contract with someone, they’ll be able to hook into your energy regardless of any shielding. That’s where the next invocation comes in.




Your body is the best barometer you have to discover if you’ve taken on any lower vibrational energies. If you’re feeling discomfort anywhere in your body, particularly from the belly upwards, then you are probably carrying some density (heavier, lower vibrational energy). Breathe into the discomfort and allow yourself to feel it briefly. Then call in Archangel Michael and His Legions to clear it. You don’t need to analyze it (you don’t need to pick through the garbage to take it to the curb), and sometimes the mind will try to pick it apart to take you out of the feeling. The only way to release a feeling is to feel it (feel it, heal it, release it), so stay with the discomfort while you are saying the invocation. If you would like to, you can ask yourself, “whose stuff is this?” You’ll get quite clearly whether it’s “yours” or “not yours”. “Yours” means that it’s old emotional wounding being brought up for healing, so ‘feel it, heal it, release it’ for ten seconds and it should clear. “Not yours” means that you’ve picked up someone else’s negativity, probably having attracted it into your space through negative thinking or speaking. Or you might have a soul agreement with someone. The following invocation clears all of these things. To clear the soul agreement, you might also have to perform a ‘cord cutting’ with the person (or situation – they can be karmic as well). Stay conscious of your body feelings as much as possible and when you feel discomfort, breath and immediately say this invocation:



“Archangel Michael, I ask You and Your Legions to use Your flaming swords and clear my energy of any lower vibrational energies, entities or thought forms that I may have taken on, as well as any karmic or energetic cords I may have attached to others or they may have attached to me. By my will and the will of the Mighty I Am Presence, I command these things to leave immediately and irrevocably, now and forever. As I command it, so it is. I ask that these things be taken into Light to be transmuted into Divine Love so that all may be healed, or barring that, sent to the farthest reaches of the Universe where they may be rendered harmless.”


At this point you can then ask Michael to reseal the shields around you. When you begin doing this exercise in a conscious manner, you may find that you’re having to do it many times throughout your day. Don’t despair. As well as clearing your energy, you are also training your psyche to do it automatically. Within a few weeks you’ll find that you’re having to do the clearing less frequently as your vibration raises and you attract less negativity into your space.


The final part of this discourse will address practicing “good energetic hygiene”. Whether you are aware of it or not, science has shown us that each human body has an electromagnetic field around it. Our fields interact with others’ fields and there is a give and take of energy, both higher and lower. Your thoughts and words (which both originate in, and are powered by, your unconscious, unhealed feelings) will magnetically attract the vibrational level in which you are living at in any given moment, so it is helpful to stay conscious of how your body feels and shift whatever doesn’t feel good immediately. It is also helpful to clear your energy before you cross the threshold of your home, especially if you have been out in situations that have been draining or negative. Wiping your feet on an ‘energetic mat’ will help keep you from tracking all of that negativity into your living space. I encourage my clients to hang an ‘Apache worry basket’ outside their front door as a visual reminder to leave their ‘worries’ from the day outside their homes. Any attractive, EMPTY basket will do.


Clearing and Sealing One’s Space


Clearing your space on a regular basis is also important, as heavy, dense energy in your home will have a negative impact on relationships and the well-being of the people living there. Heavy energy can also bring about a feeling of general malaise and depression. If you find that once you have left your home your energy lifts, then you need to clear your space. This is as simple as dusting and vacuuming and much less physically strenuous. FYI, entities and other lower vibrational energies like to live in dust and dirt so it is helpful to keep your space physically clean as well. Ever wonder about those people whose homes are cluttered and dirty? They tend to be energetically sensitive people who have unconsciously attracted a lot of lower vibrational energy. It behooves these energies to keep the home dirty, so they create oppressive, depressive atmospheres that rob the person of any ability to change their situation. For these people, prayer helps a great deal, as any mention of the various names of God energy (whichever is meaningful to you) immediately raises the vibration of any space, as well as our own.


There are a number of ways to clear one’s space. One of the most effective is found in the book, “What Is Lightbody?” by Tashira Taichi-ren. She uses a ‘triple grid technique’ that entails using a number of high level beings to clear and seal the space. It is quick and painless and I use it myself when faced with really dense energy. Another way is to call upon Archangel Michael and His Legions and ask Him to clear the space. Visualize this as ‘white tornados’ moving through your home and ‘hoovering’ all of the lower vibrational energies out of your space and into Light to be healed. You then have Michael seal your space the same way He seals your energy. Afterwards, you can smudge with sage or frankincense and myrrh resins. Smudging by itself won’t be as effective as clearing first. If the space isn’t cleaned first, smudging is like spraying disinfectant over a decomposing body. It will clear out any residual negativity and repel anything new, but you’ve still got the decomposing body lying there. You will have to clear your space on a regular basis, just like housecleaning has to be done perpetually, especially if you live with people who unconsciously track their day across your kitchen floor, or if you live in connected buildings, such as condos or apartments. (Energy doesn’t recognize walls, floors or ceilings as barriers.) In really high traffic situations, you may have to clear every other day, or even every day.


Once you have done the clearing of your energy and of your space, you should notice an immediate difference in how you feel, especially if you were dealing with particularly dense energies. Clearing on a regular basis should actually help shift stagnation in other areas of your life as well.


© 2007 Reverend Mary L. Yankee

Nobody Knows the Hauntings I’ve Seen 2…

Nobody Knows the Hauntings I’ve Seen…

Due to what must be a glowing ectoplasmic sign hanging over my head that says: “Ghosts & Spirits Check-in Here”, I’ve had to deal with hauntings and Spirits all of my life.

When you come in with Archangel Michael as a Guide, it means you are here to help heal the darkness in the world, as well as within yourself. It also means you are one of His Legions on the planet—a soldier in the trenches, as it were. Part of my job is helping to clear unwanted visitors by helping them to reach the Other Side. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive the training manual. I had to learn through experience.

It took a long time for me to understand that, as in the movie The Sixth Sense, when ghosts come knocking at your door, more often than not they are there for your help and trying to get your attention in the only way they know how.

I was fortunate in that the house in which I grew up wasn’t plagued with restless Spirits—unless you count my little brother and his practical jokes. But after the door between the Faery Realm and myself was closed, I slept peacefully in my bed until I was 15 and, like many curious teenagers, began to dabble in the paranormal.

My first run-in with an actual ghost came at an interesting time: my wedding night. It was wedding number one of three, and it was also my first foray into living outside the semi-protective walls of my childhood home.

My ex-husband and I had a taste for the kind of luxury that I had not experienced in my parents’ home. We had planned a five-star honeymoon, starting with two nights at the Sheraton Park Plaza hotel in New Haven, before jetting off to Acapulco’s Las Brisas Hotel.

After our Friday night wedding and reception, tired and happy, we checked into the Sheraton and were given room 1413.

I didn’t think of the significance of that number at the time, but most hotels don’t have a thirteenth floor due to superstition, and the Sheraton was no exception.  We were actually assigned room 1313.

We were both exhausted after our long day of ceremonies and celebrations, but, wedding nights being wedding nights, I primped in front of the bathroom mirror for nearly an hour, preparing myself for our first time as an officially married couple.

I slinked seductively into the bedroom, dressed in the white satin negligee that my older sister had gifted me with at my bridal shower; my hair and make-up perfect. Gliding up to the bed, expecting an enthusiastic reception, I found my beloved—snoring. Yup! Out like a light.

I couldn’t wake him for love nor money. I actually took pictures of him asleep in our hotel bed with my little Kodak 110 Instamatic film camera so that I could harass him at a later date in front of our friends. Hey, I looked perfect with my 1980’s BIG hair and sparkly eyelids, and there was nobody to appreciate it!

Since short of dumping the ice bucket over him, (which would not have been conducive to marital harmony or a comfortable night’s sleep) there was absolutely no way of waking him, I sighed and slid my bridal self into the bed and closed my eyes. After a full day of last-minute wedding preparations, as well as the exertion of the wedding and reception itself, I found myself in the arms of Morpheus pretty quickly.

Something woke me in the wee hours of the morning. I glanced at the alarm clock on the nightstand: 4:13 AM. I had no idea why I would be awake at that ungodly hour—my first husband and I shared a passion for uninterrupted, deep sleep. I lifted my head to peer drowsily over our blanketed feet.

There, at the foot of my bed, stood a woman.

My first thought was, “Why is there a woman in my room?”

My second thought was, “Why is she transparent?”

I was wide awake in an instant, assessing the situation with whatever cognitive functions I had at that hour.

Then I realized that I could see the back of her—through the front of her—reflected in the large mirror over the long, low, hotel dresser that held the 19-inch color TV, as well as the bits and bobs my husband and I had left there throughout the evening.

She appeared to be an older woman in her 50’s, impeccably dressed in a bright red tailored suit, styled in the fashion of the early 1960’s. Her hair was coiffed in the bouffant style of that era, and it was obviously blonde-from-a bottle.

Her expensive jewelry glittered, and her lips were painted a wicked red that matched her fingernails. She exuded the appearance of affluence, but also of a woman trying hard to pretend the ravages of time had no impact on her.

I was transfixed, literally paralyzed, as with a quizzical look on her face, she raised her hand and crooked her index finger at me, raising it up and lowering it down in the universal symbol of “come here” or “follow me” that’s recognizable in any dimension—parallel or otherwise.

I couldn’t move; couldn’t even blink as I watched her continue to patiently motion me to follow. A moment later I realized that I wasn’t breathing, and as I released the gasp of terror I had been holding, my breath puffed out as a visible fog, as if I were outside on a December evening.

I tried to get my husband’s attention, saying his name in a terrified whisper, and then a bit louder. He never even moved his position. He was in a warm, safe bubble while I was outside in the wilderness facing down a banshee.

After the space of a few more frozen breaths, I was finally released from my paralyzed state, and did what any red-blooded Catholic would do: I pulled the covers over my head and began frantically reciting the Our Father and the
Hail Mary.

Several tense moments passed. I kept expecting to feel a hand grab my blanketed foot, or worse, a frigid touch on my exposed fingertips, which were white and bloodless due to the death grip I had on the blanket.

Then the atmosphere around me warmed and I chanced a peek over the top of my protective covers, searching the room, starting at the foot of the bed.

I let out a sigh of relief. She was gone, and I instantly fell asleep.

When I woke in the morning, I had no memory of my nighttime visitor, nor the terror I had felt. I teased my husband about his desertion of me on our wedding night, but only the part about his falling asleep on his negligee-clad, perfect-hair-and-make-up bride. I didn’t remember anything else.

As I mentioned earlier, we had two nights booked in room 1413 of the Sheraton Park Plaza Hotel, New Haven.

The following evening we hosted a large, boisterous party in our hotel room with a dozen of our closest friends. Saturday Night Live was on TV, and the booze was flowing freely. I was not much of a drinker. I never liked feeling out of control of my mental faculties so, after a couple of glasses of champagne I abstained for the rest of the evening, enjoying the sparkling wit of our friends more than the Brut.

By 2:00 a.m. everyone had left. (There may or may not have been a less-than-polite request from the front desk.) My husband and I settled into bed. We had a very early call for our flight to Acapulco, so once again we abstained from marital relations in favor of a few short hours of sleep.

Something woke me once more; exactly 4:13 a.m.—the same time as the previous night’s visitation. I peered over the tops of my feet to see the transparent woman-in-red staring at me.

This time she wasn’t looking at me quizzically. Something had changed. She was irate, whether at my lack of understanding or my lack of backbone, I’ll never know, because one look at her wildly gesticulating hands and thundercloud-brow had me immediately diving under my blankets, my lips forming the Catholic prayers of my childhood before the sheets even settled over my head.

I had learned enough in my years of flirting with unseen forces that you never follow any non-corporeal being when they ask you to follow, especially not into a mirror! Visions of my new husband waking to an empty bed, with no trace of his bride to be found did not appeal to my sense of fair play, and I had no intention of becoming yet another “Abducted by Aliens?” headline in the National Enquirier.

After several minutes with no ghostly ‘touchy-feely’, I peeked out of the faux safety of my blanket fortress and she was gone. This time I tried to wake my husband, but the ghost had more consciousness than he did!

I was shaking like a leaf, but still had enough awareness to be seriously irritated at the interruption to my slumbers, and after quickly eyeballing the room, I rolled over and fell asleep, once more completely forgetting about the nocturnal visits by the see-thru fashion-maven.

Not surprisingly, we overslept and had to scramble to make our flight, so this episode stayed buried in my subconscious, until one night, months later, when we hosted a dinner party and the talk at the table turned to ghost stories.

I don’t remember what was said to trigger the memory, but it all flooded back. Our friends joked at the time that it was probably an omen, and even though I don’t believe in the power of such things, our marriage did end seven years later.

I never did find out what this ghost was trying to tell me, but at the time I was probably better off not knowing.

Being a medium and a clairvoyant doesn’t come with a guidebook, but it does come with Guides. Sometimes, your Guides allow you to have certain experiences—not necessarily pleasant ones—as part of your training curriculum.

Much of my exposure to the Other Side at that point had been limited to a childlike appreciation of the Faery world, a kind of innocent enchantment (even if it held some aspects that were not so innocent). As a young woman, old enough to be married and venture out into the world, I was ready for a more advanced curriculum, and an introduction to the world of earthbound spirits.

I didn’t know then that it was a world in which I would spend much of my work and my life.







A Belated Thank You Note

Greetings to all of the dear people who have contributed to my healing:

 This letter comes a bit late, but there are reasons for that which I will address as I write this belated thank you note to all of you who donated financially and energetically to the campaign to support my healing.

First off, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! One of my core issues has always been the belief that I am not quite good enough to deserve the love and acknowledgement that I have so often received from my friends and clients over the years. So many of you have told me of the positive impact that I have made in your lives; however, despite this validation of my gifts, as well as your love and appreciation of me being ‘just me’, like Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’, I always felt that “the bad things are easier to believe”.

Since this campaign – started by my friend Tessa who would not take ‘no’ for an answer, and who has always had my back in spite of myself – that story has begun to crumble in the face of so much love and acknowledgment. It didn’t matter what amount you gave, whether in the form of financial support or simply acknowledging my worth to you with love and prayers, the outpouring from so many people was like a tsunami which could not be denied. I was bowled over and under by the wave of your love and I was unable to keep my feet in the sand of my “not lovable and therefore worthless” story. Even as I write this there are tears of gratitude in my eyes, as there have often been since the start of all this. As my Native American medicine woman teacher would say, “my heart is full!”

Now on to the next matter, updating you as to my progress.

My oncologist is very happy with how the cancer has responded to my treatment. The tumors in my breast and lymph nodes are shrinking and those in my spine are dying and scarring over. Unfortunately, the side effects of the treatment have been very challenging for a woman who a year ago was hitting the gym 5 times a week (and doing 3 sets of 200 lbs. on the ab press), with an exciting future ahead. My book was nearly finished and a flagship Barnes and Noble store here in IL wanted 100 copies to start. I was also researching bookstores in England where I could go and give talks, as well as spiritual centers all over the US.

Then I was hit with tremendous loss – so large that even a psychic medium such as myself had trouble navigating it. Between last Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day I lost 5 dear friends to cancer. I spent the holidays on the east coast dealing with several of them, and by the time I returned to Chicago, I already knew that physically something wasn’t right – I felt more fatigued than would be normal for me, even as I explained it away as unresolved grief. When I arrived home on January 15th, I was informed by my landlord that he had put the house on the market while I was away and I would need to start looking for another place to live. I loved my home and it was wrenching to be told immediately after all of the loss I had just been through that I would have to uproot AGAIN and expend more energy in searching for a place to live. A month later I was hospitalized with cellulitis and it was then discovered that my cancer had returned with a vengeance – 4th stage metastatic breast cancer which had moved into my thoracic and lumbar spine. Let’s just say I was pretty much ready to check out. My insurance didn’t cover my treatment because it was with pharmaceuticals rather than infusion and so now, instead of being able to rest and convalesce, I was being forced to find a place to live, as well as research programs that might help me pay for my treatment, all while I continued to work because I still had bills to pay. Is it any wonder that I had many moments of wanting to ‘give up and go home’?

As I said previously, in stepped Tessa and all of you, making it worth my while to stick it out – thank you for saving my life. Did I tell you that? Your generosity and love did far more than support me materially, it made me realize that perhaps my life was worth fighting for.

So, side effects. The first and biggest side effect was the return of the deep depression and anxiety that I had not had to deal with since before I moved out to Chicago. The drugs I am taking are hormonally based and this was the reason that I could not take any form of birth control pill and had deep post-partum depressions after each childbirth – I react badly to hormones, particularly the estrogen on which the medications are based. The despair was pretty bad – even with your support. Over the last 4 months I have been taking synthetic anti-depressants and I can honestly say that a few days ago I had a random moment of joy, and my therapist believes that I have turned a corner. Other side effects include insomnia (never a problem for me in my life before), fatigue, water weight gain, nausea, loss of appetite, ‘chemo-brain’, hair loss (luckily I had such a full head of hair to begin with it’s hardly noticeable) and tremendous pain – particularly in my spine where the cancer is ‘flaring up’ as it fights to remain. I have had to cut back on my daily sessions (from 5 to 3) and make sure that I get a nap every day (although when you feel as if you have drunk a pot of espresso, a light doze is about all you can hope for). I am grateful that I haven’t been able to find the right living space yet, as it put me back living with my friends and receiving their love and support on a daily basis. Even more, I am living with my cancer coach Susi Roos, the woman who saved my life during the first go-round of cancer.

The reasons for the lateness of this thank you note are described above – the depression being the most prominent. However, I am much better now and taking actions to help move myself forward. I just completed a 5 week detox program under Susi’s aegis and dropped close to 30 lbs., as well as feeling much better physically. I have started writing again (hence this letter) and hope to have my manuscript ready for editing by October. I am leading a monthly meetup group at an area café bookstore (where I also hope to debut my book) doing spirit messages for grieving people, which I hope to expand to bimonthly, with the second meeting being a teaching session for people  who wish to explore spirit communication for themselves.

All of this would not have been possible, or at least would have been much more of a struggle, without all of you. So, please accept my love and gratitude, as well as my acknowledgement of the gift each and every one of you has been in my life and will continue to be in the future.

May your gifts to me be returned 10,000-fold back to you and yours!

Much love and many blessings,


In closing, I would just like to say that I am looking forward to reconnecting with all of you; however, please be patient with me. If you don’t receive a response to an email or text, think, ‘oh yeah, she has chemo brain’ and resend. It’s gotten better, but I am still challenged in the ‘out of sight, out of my mind’ category!

Nobody Knows the Hauntings I’ve Seen

The Haunting at the Catholic Cemetery  

Among the many stories I have from my work as a psychic medium, one of the more powerful happened when I ‘accidently’ connected with hundreds of souls trapped in a vision of burning in Hell, who were interred in a Catholic cemetery in Derby, CT.
As I have mentioned in previous stories in this book, what we experience when we die is informed by what we believe when we leave the body, especially if there is fear-based emotion involved. This is not set in stone, as many people who judged themselves as being bad are greeted with loving Beings at their death and go directly into Light. However, there are many who have been taught about an ‘angry’ God, who never resolved their fear-based beliefs before death and therefore had to resolve them after they died, before they could go on to the next level. I also recognize that these particular souls have agreed to ‘karmic contracts’ to undergo this experience for soul evolution and growth – “whatever happens has to happen”, as my Master Teacher Sathya Sai Baba says – so it really is all for our good.
About a decade ago I was looking for an apartment with my then partner, that would be large enough to fit our various children. We were touring one such place in Derby, CT that seemed perfect. It had four bedrooms, a laundry room complete with washer and dryer, a fully applianced kitchen and two full bathrooms – an absolute must for the four children and two adults who’d be living there. It had obviously been decorated in the late 60’s given the predominance of avocado, burnt orange and brown, but it was clean and in good shape. Given all that, I couldn’t understand why the longer I stayed, the sicker I felt.
At the time I wasn’t quite as versed in dealing with darker energies as I am now.
At one point we were looking at a back bedroom when I happened to glance out of the window to check out the backyard.
There, in the back of the building, was the reason for my discomfort. A very large cemetery directly abutted the property, to the point where a few of the headstones had fallen over into the backyard. It was delightfully gothic, what with the sculptures and the gray tombstones, while the overcast grayness of the day added to the atmosphere. Had I been a horror writer, I could not have asked for a better setting for murder, mayhem and melancholy. A very large angel-with-a flaming-sword statue was visible from where I stood and looked to be next to a small chapel, as are present in most large graveyards. The real estate agent mumbled something about it being “St. Something-or-other’s Catholic cemetery” and herded us out of the room.
By this time, I was dealing with the Unseen on a regular basis in my line of work, and ordinarily graveyards don’t bother me – as a child I was fascinated by them and I spent a great deal of time in the old churchyards in the center of West Haven, CT, where I grew up. There are even a few revolutionary war heroes buried in one. However, the more I had stood and looked at the graves, the worse I felt physically, until I had to excuse myself and step out of the house to get some fresh air before I vomited all over the shag carpeting. My partner had no problem with the graveyard – his issue was with the rusted out cars in the yard that appeared to belong to one of the other tenants. He was concerned for our childrens’ safety – a perfectly legitimate worry, all things considered.
We thanked the real estate agent and left, and the long ride back, coupled with the open windows and fresh air helped me regain my equilibrium.
That should have been the end of the story, except it wasn’t. A whole host of ghostly characters followed me home from that cemetery and without so much as a ‘by your leave’ entered into my dreams that night.
The dream in and of itself was horrific in its technicolor brilliance – hundreds of souls burning in the bright red and orange fires of hell, while little black demons tormented them emotionally with taunts, and physically with the lash. Larger cloven-hooved devils applied even worse tortures to other suffering souls. Saint John of Patmos could not have created a more frightening vision of hell.
In the midst of all of this, I was merely an observer – a horrified and uncomfortable observer, but an observer just the same. I knew that what I was seeing was an illusion – a creation of the collective mind of the souls who were trapped within the horror of their belief system.
A quick word about graveyards, funeral parlors and other places where death is fully present in all its glory: If the area is not cleared and sealed on a regular basis, then the humans who come into these places with fear-based thoughts, as well as the energy of grief and anger (anger with the person who passed, or even with God Itself, is a completely normal response under these circumstances) can pull the vibration of the energy down, inviting in lower vibrational entities and thought forms which then continue to feed off of the misery that is engendered in humans by the death of a loved one. Once these entities are powerful enough, they can lead the souls of the newly departed astray before the Light has a chance to claim them. (Please remember this is all an illusory drama and if a soul chooses (because it is fully in control of Its own destiny) to remain outside of the Light, it is for a reason that was already predetermined before It was born into a human body.) Even if a cemetery was consecrated at its inception, that blessing literally gets worn down by the hundreds, if not thousands of lower vibrational energies that are brought to it with each new funeral. Many of my students and clients are surprised when they discover (or I relate to them in story form) that demonic energy can exist in a consecrated graveyard or even within the church itself. If you have a priest or minister who is preaching hellfire and damnation to their congregation, they are engendering fear thoughts in a group of people, which makes it that much more powerful. When Christ said, “where two or more of you gather, there I am also”, he meant that if two or more people focus on a particular energy, that energy is present even more strongly than if just one person was invoking it. This is a form of powerful mysticism and it works with any energy, which is why mobs are so dangerous – fear and anger energy builds, a scapegoat is chosen and bad things happen that average people ordinarily would never do. Think of the mob that nailed Jesus (the mother of all scapegoats) to the cross. I always make it clear to my students that they need to clear and seal themselves and their space regularly, just as you would shower or vacuum your home regularly. I call it ‘having good energetic hygiene’. Unfortunately, since Copernicus and the Age of Reason, magick and mystery have all but disappeared from our day-to-day lives. A pity, given that the Unseen exists whether you believe in it or not.
The souls within my nighttime vision had been trapped by a demonic presence that was ruling the cemetery. Those that were destined to escape this vision of hell went into the Light well before they were faced with this; however, these hundreds of souls were caught in their own fears. I knew I was being shown this storyboard for a reason, but I had no idea what to do. Suddenly to my right, a light started growing and taking shape. It quickly became apparent that Mother Mary, the Blessed Mother of Jesus had joined me. The cool blue and white glow around her turquoise colored robes was an incredibly beautiful contrast to the red orange flames that burned around her. She looked at me and began to say the ‘Hail Mary’, using a beautifully carved rosary. I immediately joined her and I had barely gotten to the second round when I awoke from sleep chanting the words to the prayer I’d known since toddlerhood. “Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou amongst women, and Blessed is the Fruit of thy Womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, Amen.” My partner looked at me strangely, but made no comment, luckily for me because I had no words other than this chant to Mother Mary in my head.
It didn’t feel complete to me, so I called a dear friend who was a few levels up on the ‘Spiritual Richter Scale’ to help me decipher what had happened and what, if anything, needed to be done. She felt that a shared meditation was in order to discover the meaning of this vision and so we chanted our way into an altered state and saw that Mother Mary was requesting that I lead these souls out of hell and into Light. My friend was to act as the anchor to help keep part of me grounded in third dimensional reality while I was the one descending into this illusion of hell to be the bringer of Mother Mary’s message of forgiveness and freedom to the suffering souls there. It actually went more quickly than I expected, probably because of the work that the Blessed Mother had already done through me during my nighttime vision. Between the two of us, Mary and I opened a huge portal of Light and invited all souls to go through it – even the lower vibrational entities that were present (no one is excluded from God’s loving redemption). While my friend and I continued to chant the Hail Mary, every being present went through the portal with very little resistance. The ‘hell’ that had been created through the thought-energy of the humans simply faded away into dust and I came out of the meditation weeping with joy at the Divine Love and Compassion that made this healing for hundreds of souls – both human and inhuman – possible and effortless.
Please understand that although it was the God-form of Mother Mary who appeared, any form of ‘God’ would have worked as well. Divine Mother was there because a) it was a Catholic cemetery and therefore the icons of Catholicism were needed for the souls to recognize and trust, and b) I was raised a Catholic and use that foundation when I am working with people raised in the Catholic tradition — you need a common spiritual language that people recognize and with which they resonate. This is why I ultimately became an interfaith minister — I needed to have several different religious languages in my tool bag to help people from various traditions understand what the Divine wishes for them to know.
After this situation I became very clear that salvation is for all of Creation, not just a select few, and that even inhuman entities were being called home to the Light to remember ‘Who They Are’.