Price List


I pride myself on my ability to connect grieving families with their loved ones and this is an important part of my work. However, I am first and foremost a metaphysical teacher and mystic who loves to ‘share the wealth’ when it comes to understanding how this crazy world works, as well as what it takes to navigate it. I am a conscious channel for your high level Spirit Guides, as well as your own Christ Consciousness – The One who is really running the show – and I have helped many people discover “Who They Are” and the real reason they’ve decided to take on a body at this time.

Because I wasn’t taught to limit myself, I have the ability to channel my ‘gift’ into numerous areas, including but not limited to:

  • Intuitive Consciousness/Life Coaching
  • Past Life Exploration
  • Akashic Records (Past-Present-Future Exploration)
  • Mediumship
  • Various Energetic Healing Modalities

I value my gifts and how their use has helped me to support hundreds of people on their paths forward, my fees reflect that. My packages are ways to make using my skills more affordable. Package sessions are transferrable and can be given as gifts. They do not expire. You can use them over the course of your lifetime if you wish, although if you have personal goals that you wish to achieve within three to six months you may want to look at my Group Coaching Webinars instead.

Single Phone Sessions: $225 per hour

1/2 hour “Getting to Know You Session”: $99 – one time deal/new clients only

I am no longer offering packages; however, if you go to my Subscribestar page, you can see how to get discounts on my sessions and classes.

Spirit Circles:  These are $275 per hour, minimum 2 hours, includes travel costs within a 30 mile radius of Lake Villa, IL.