Spiritual Counseling

Cord Cutting

We are often energetically bound to people in our present lives as well as our past. These energetic cords can drain us and keep us from realizing our potential. The only connection we need with any person, alive OR dead, is that of Divine Love. As children we learn to energetically cord to our parents as we desperately try to get our needs met. No matter how wonderful our parents were, they are still only human and no one human can satisfy all of our emotional needs. Most primary relationships in our lives involve energetic cords and these cords can create problems within said relationships, including co-dependency. Reverend Yankee uses a formula that includes Archangel Michael and his legions to help resolve and release the ties that bind. These sessions also aid her clients in letting go of past relationships that no longer serve them.

House/Business Clearing and Blessing

Do things go bump in the night at your house? Does the energy in your home or business feel heavy or oppressive? Do you notice a lightening of your mood when you leave your home? If so, then you may have unwanted guests invading your space. Keeping one’s space energetically clear is a must on the planet at this time. I call it ‘practicing good energetic hygiene’. Energy exists on many levels and takes many forms and just because you can’t see it does not mean that it doesn’t have the ability to affect you. Just as you vacuum and dust your home on a regular basis, you also need to clean it energetically. Reverend Yankee teaches her clients how to clear their space themselves, but if there are entities, thought forms or ‘ghosts’ present, then they may need a personal visit. She has been doing this work for over twenty years and has dealt with every conceivable type of ‘haunting’, including demonic energy.

Weddings, Funerals, Baby Blessings and other life events

Reverend Yankee is an ordained interfaith minister and has the ability to officiate any major life event that occurs in your world. She also has been trained in couples’, family and grief counseling. She offers one session of couples’ counseling with her marriage package to help couples decide on the goals they have for their relationship, as well as to help support each of them in seeing and hearing their partner’s goals. She offers one session of grief counseling in her funeral package also.


Mary Says …

These services are highly personal to each client so fees will be discussed at our initial meeting and determined at that time.  For more information or to book an appointment, please use the contact page.