Reverend Yankee uses her abilities in conjunction with her training and spiritual education to custom tailor each session personally. Each of us is searching for our purpose on this planet – so what makes YOUR heart sing?

There are several options available including single one hour sessions, packages, and tailored services.  Please take a look at some of these options below and contact Reverend Yankee for more details and a quote of costs to meet your needs.

Intuitive/Spiritual Counseling

Reverend Yankee uses her ability to consciously channel Higher Wisdom, as well as her intuitive gifts and talent as a powerful empath, to answer your questions about career, relationships, family, health, etc. Her philosophy is “it’s all good” and her sessions leave her clients feeling uplifted and inspired. Because of her numerous trainings in psychology and self-help she will also source a variety of tools, tailored to the client’s specific needs, to empower her clients in making lasting changes in their lives. She uses The Druid Animal Oracle Deck to begin each session as a way of focusing her clients’ energies and opening the door to their own Divine Consciousness. She has been doing this work professionally for nearly twenty-five years and is known to be uncannily accurate in the information she offers.


Reverend Yankee has had a gift for speaking with the dead since she was a child; however, her approach is slightly different from many mediums. Her gift was accepted in her family because of her mother’s Hungarian gypsy heritage and so she grew up believing in all things magical and  that ‘all things are possible with God’. Because her experience led her to understand that the dead are present whenever we think of them or speak their name (hence the old adage, ‘don’t speak ill of the dead’), she has never had any difficulty connecting with whomever her clients wish to speak. The messages are always about love and hope and if a loved one is ‘stuck’ (has not transited into Light) she has the ability to help them resolve whatever might be keeping them held between the worlds and to gently guide them to where they belong.

Spirit Circle

Have a spirit circle in your home! Invite your friends and family to experience  a connection with those beloved departed whom they miss. Reverend Yankee connects with each person who chooses to participate, rather than calling on the lucky few. The number of participants dictates the time allotted.

Past Life Readings

These sessions are not about who you were in a past life, as much as they are about what you did and what energies did you bring forward from your past lives that need addressing. What latent gifts or talents are present and waiting for you to tap into? We often have issues in this lifetime that have no discernible cause. The karma from past lives may need to be addressed and resolved before these issues can be healed. Reverend Yankee has been accessing the Akashic Records for nearly twenty-five years and can help her clients discover what may be buried on a cellular level that needs to be resolved.

Getting to Know You Session

1/2 hour session at an introductory price to get a feel for Reverend Yankee’s reading style.  This is a one time offer for new clients only.


Mary Says …

For more information or to book an appointment, please use the Contact and Book page and leave me some details of the problems you are experiencing.  I will then contact you to talk about your personalised needs.