Media – Podcasts and YouTube

Reverend Yankee has recorded several new podcasts and you can listen to them on the Podbean website using this link, or by clicking on the individual titles below.

There are currently nine free podcasts available to listen to and download. To find more podcasts and online classes, please go to my Subscribestar page to access that information.

Meditation: “Meeting the Beloved Within”

Healing the Loneliness Within

Companion Exercise – Healing the Loneliness Within

Energetic Protection, or, How to Maintain Your Sanity in a World Gone Mad!

Visualization for Clearing and Strengthening the Kundalini Chakra

All About Spirit Guides: The Who, What, Where, Why and How of Connecting with Your ‘A’ Team for Guidance and Support

What Is Intuition and How Does It Work?

How to Communicate with Your Animal Friends


The following YouTube video clips will give you an idea of Reverend Yankee’s personal philosophy on speaking with the dead.

1) Introduction to the Psychic Medium


2) What Makes Reverend Mary Different from Other Psychic Mediums?


3) Where Do the Dead Go?


4) What the Dead Have Taught Me


Mary Says …

I hope you enjoy listening to my podcasts and watching these videos.  They are just a taste of how I work and what you can expect to discover from our sessions together.