Cutting Energetic Cords

Energetic Body Cord Cutting

To set the stage I’ll give a bit of background on energetic cords.

(Disclaimer: This is all based on MY truth as I have found it to be through research, study, and my own experience.) Because we as humans exist in this third dimensional reality and have forgotten ‘Who We Are’, as well as our connection with the Divine Source Of All Creation, we have become indoctrinated to accept the fallacy that there is ‘not enough’ of anything, particularly love, energy, and nurturing. We learn as very young children how to manipulate our parents to get our needs met, and if we can’t get the energy we need through fair means, we’ll use foul. Cords came into being because we forgot that there is no lack in the Universe and instead of connecting to Spirit to get our needs met, we ‘hooked’ into each other using karmic monads to suck off what we could. Unfortunately our energy as human beings is far more finite than God’s and we get drained very quickly, aside from falling into the trap of repeating over and over the same behaviors that allow us to hook and be hooked. To become unhooked starts with being mindful of whom or what we may be attached to. Secondly, we need to get in touch with our resistance to releasing those to whom we are corded. Finally, we must consciously cut the cords and be willing to continue mindful of when the cords reattach, as they inevitably will. It can take several cord cuttings over the course of a month or two if one is working on a primary relationship. Less emotionally intimate relationships may be complete after only one session.

The Exercise:

Find a place that’s quiet and get comfortable in your chair. Begin by taking three deep breaths. As you draw in the air feel it go all the way down to your toes. Hold your breath for a count of three and then exhale. Do this 3 times and during each time allow your body to become more relaxed. Feel your shoulders drop, release the tension that you’ve carried without awareness and allow your body to become at rest.

Now, picture yourself in a theater. You are in the balcony, and the person from whom you wish to detach is on the stage. Call in your High Level Guides and Guardians, as well as your Christ Consciousness and do the same for the other person. Now call in Archangel Michael and His Legions.

Picture cords of energy between you and the person on the stage. You do not need to know what the attachments are between you; however, you do need to think about cutting the cords and feel any resistance within you to doing so. Cords are a two-way street. If we are energetically attached to someone it’s because we allowed them to cord to us. If we don’t explore why we allowed the cords to attach to begin with, then we will simply continue to be susceptible to these cords reattaching again and again.

Once you have become aware of any resistance within yourself, breathe into that feeling in your body and simply allow yourself to be present to the discomfort until it dissipates. You may have to explain to that wounded part of you that you do not need to give your energy away to be loved or cared for.

The following is the invocation I use, you may use it as is or word it in a way that feels comfortable to you:

“I call forth the energetic bonds between my physical body and (name)’s physical body, in this lifetime and across all lifetimes, in this planetary system and across all planetary systems, in this Universe and across all Universes, in this dimension and across all dimensions, in this reality and across all realities. I ask Archangel Michael and his legions to use their flaming swords and cut these energetic cords at a 45-degree angle, searing the ends so that they may remain detached forever. Saint Michael, please take (name)’s cords into the Light that he/she may receive all that they need from his/her Source, and I now ask that you take the ends of my cords into your hands and channel Divine Energy into them so that they may shrivel and desiccate, dissolve and dissipate, into the dust of stars from whence they came. I call upon Archangel Gabriel and ask that you blow this dust back to the stars where it may be reborn to a higher form. Thank you, Gabriel. Saint Michael, I ask that You and Your Legions fill this area of my physical/emotional/mental/life force energy body/spiritual body with (here you choose any colors that come to you – for instance, “the Green Ray, the Gold Ray, the Violet Ray of transmutation, etc.”) and seal this area with the Blue Flame of Protection and the Mirrored Shields of Protection now and forever. I ask that only Divine Love and Light be allowed to enter or attach to this area.”

You are going to do this invocation for the Physical body, the Emotional body, the Mental body, Life Force Energy (Kundalini) body, and the Spiritual body.

Once you have completed all five, you thank the participants, as well as the person with whom you have cut the cords, and you’re done. Be aware however, that the person with whom you have cut the cords may try to reattach to you almost immediately, whether in the physical world through text, phone or emails, or in the realm of the unconscious through dreams or even telepathy (this is not always conscious, it could be the other person thinking of you with emotional energy behind these thoughts). Stay vigilant and understand that you may have to do the exercise more than once.