Lower Vibrational Entity Removal

Lower Vibrational Entity Removal


Sit in a comfortable position and take three deep breaths, relaxing any tension in your body, after which you breathe naturally. When you feel relaxed and centered, contact Archangel Michael as per invocation and have Him clear you, as well as place protection around you.


You can do this for yourself or for someone else (with their or their Guides’ permission do not attempt any spiritual work (including prayer) for someone else without either asking them directly or accessing their Higher Self and Spirit Guides and asking for permission. Otherwise you are imposing your will on another. Any energy you send even pure Divine Love – will not be accepted by the soul, and you will be wasting your time).


Now say: “I call upon my Spirit Guides, Master Teachers and Guardian Angels, as well as my own Christ Consciousness to be present with me at this time.” (You would call in the other person’s Guides if clearing someone else.) At this time, you would expand your consciousness to get a feel for whatever it is that you believe may be attached. You may also get a sense of what it looks like (there is nothing to fear here, you are completely protected) or just a vague sense of heaviness, despair, anger or other negative emotions. Then you would say:


“I call upon Archangel Michael and His Legions and I ask that You use Your flaming swords to weave a net of golden Light, very fine mesh, and pull it through all of my (or the other persons name here) bodies, my physical body, my etheric body and my energetic body, from my Alpha to my Omega Chakras. Pull the net from bottom to top, capturing all that is unlike love, as well as any lower vibrational energies, entities or thought forms.


Allow yourself to feel the nets energy moving through your energy or the other persons energy, right through the top of your head and above. When you feel the net at that level say:


Archangel Michael, please draw the net tight so that everything captured remains within. I now ask that You and Your Legions send shafts of Divine Love into the energies and entities within the net.”


We have Saint Michael capture everything that is unlike love, just in case this entity had hangers on, or there were other lower vibrational energies you or the person had attached. If you are not consistent with clearing yourself, or working with someone who isnt, there may very well be a lot more than just one. Lower vibrational entities, once taken on, tend to be a psychic dust magnet


Now picture the energies inside the net of golden Light and see all the angels sending shafts of Divine Love into them. Be conscious of any energetic cords that may exist between you and the energy (or between the person you are helping and the energy) because there are no accidents and something in you called this energy to you. Since there are no victims in the Universe, some part of you made a choice to allow the attachment for whatever soul purpose needed to be fulfilled. It may just be that your Spirit agreed to assist this being in raising its vibrational level so it could go to Light.


At this time say, I address the energies and entities within the net: are you willing to return to the Light? I say, return to the Light because that is what they are doing – going home. Sometimes you will hear them questioning, Return? and I then explain how they are originally of the Light and it is time for them to go home, much like the story of the prodigal son. Sometimes its enough to get them to agree. However, you may also get a clear ‘no’, a wishy-washy ‘no’, or you may even get hissing, spitting or growling, depending on the type of entity. If you do, ask the angels to continue sending shafts of Divine Love into the being and visualize any darkness in and around the entity breaking up and dissolving. There is nowhere that God is not, which means that this energy, no matter how ugly or frightening it appears to you, still contains the Godspark that all of us carry. Its Godspark is just a bit more repressed. God/Goddess/All That Is does not squander souls, nor ANY of its Creation, and given that this spiritual experiment is drawing to a close, all of Creation is being called to return to Its true form high vibrational, pure Divine Love.


**A side note here. The only conversation you should have with the being/s is that of getting them to return to the Light. They can be very seductive and might start a conversation with you about their attachment to you, the past lives youve shared, how theyve helped you, how they love you, etc., etc. These Beings are not allowed to lie, but they can use the truth to manipulate and seduce you. Stay focused on the desired outcome sending them into the Light. Whatever you do, do NOT allow them out of the net. Their soul contracts have led them to this point and they only have two choices (of which you can remind them if they try to argue about free will), 1) to return to the Light where they will remember Who They Are and move on to another assignment or 2) to be sent to the farthest reaches of the Universe, in the net, where they will be rendered harmless until this game is complete. They are chess pieces on Gods chess board who have been removed from the game. They are done here.


Continue to ask the being if it is willing to go into Light. When you hear a ‘yes’ – no matter how faint, ask the Legions of Michael to cut the cords between you (or the other person) permanently by saying:


Archangel Michael, I ask that You and Your Legions use Your flaming swords and cut any and all energetic or karmic cords between myself (or the other persons name) and the energies and entities within the net at a 45 degree angle, searing the ends so that they remain detached forever. Please take the Being within the net and their cords into Light, so that it (he/she) may be transmuted into Divine Love and receive sustenance from its Source. Please take my (or persons) cords into Your hands and channel Divine Love into them that they may shrivel and desiccate, dissolve and dissipate into the dust of stars from whence they came. I call upon the Archangel Gabriel and ask that You blow this dust back to the stars where it may be transformed into a Higher Form. Thank You Gabriel! Archangel Michael, I now ask that You and Your Legions fill these areas of my (or persons) bodies with (here add whatever color Rays come to you, such as “…the Blue Ray, the Gold Ray, the Green Ray) and seal this area of my energy with the Blue Flame of Protection and the Mirrored Shields of Protection (a pyramid of outward-facing mirrors) and allow only Divine Love and Light to enter and attach to this area of my (or persons) energy. Thank You.


It may seem like this process takes hours, but I have never had one take more than 20 minutes – and that was a toughy who was connected to me. (It had been attached since my childhood and believed it was protecting me.) I have found that the process sometimes goes quicker if I dialogue with the being, as I said previously. Most lower vibrational energies have been lied to by their higher ups and told that if they go into the Light they will either be destroyed (in which case, I remind them of Einsteins theory that energy can neither be created nor destroyed only transformed) or theyve been told that they will go to Hell and be eternally damned to torture and torment at which point I remind them about the story of the prodigal son and that once they return to the Light they will remember Who They Are and have a good laugh about the part they played in this Shakespearean drama called Earth, with their friends on the other side. I also tell them that Hell is a construct co-created by the human mind and the Dark Hierarchy to keep humanity in fear these beings favorite food.


No matter how it reacts to that, I stand firm in that I’m sending it away into Light, or elsewhere. If you are doing this for someone else, you could, if they are open to it, have them tell the being that they reject it and are done with it. This needs to be spoken in a commanding tone exactly as I have written no negatives, such as I dont want you, etc. The Universe doesnt hear negatives and will ignore them if you use them.


We must release all negative judgment, of ourselves and of the being, for that is how it was able to attach in the first place. After you’ve sent the being into Light with the angels, have Michael clear your energy (or the persons) of any residue from the exercise and reseal it. (See Invocation to Archangel Michael for the formula.)

These energies are like ticks in the physical world. They believe that they lack the Godspark and so go looking for someone from whom they may acquire it. Some have a darker purpose in that they are supposed to keep Lightworkers from moving forward by amplifying their fears, doubts, rage, etc. so that they are kept distracted by these feelings and stay stuck in one place. Yet even these are meant to do this, so that when said Lightworker becomes aware of them, said Lightworker can then send them into Light and there is one less soldier for the ‘dark hierarchy’ (as I call them) out there and one more for the Light (my Guides have told me that they are taken into Light and healed and then given tasks to do).


There are cases of ‘possession’ but despite what TV and movies would have you believe, these are rare (full body possessions being nearly nonexistent) and manifest in people who have a soul contract (before they incarnate they ‘sign’ a contract with the higher self of some lower vibrational being) to have this experience in this lifetime for a specific spiritual purpose and always for the greatest good and highest thought of all concerned.


If you are part of the millions of Spiritual Warriors on the planet at this time, you most likely will attract these entities or the people carrying them because your job is to offer them an opportunity to transmute into their higher forms. We have Michael and His Legions send these shafts of Divine Love into the being so that its vibration raises high enough for it to see more clearly and so make an informed decision about what it wants to do. There is a soul contract that at this point in the beings existence, it would be given this opportunity to choose either moving forward in its evolution or being taken out of the game entirely until it chooses to do so.



©Reverend Mary Yankee 2008