Invocation to Archangel Michael



Invocations to Archangel Michael for Protection and Release




Every morning before starting your day it can be beneficial to invoke the power of Archangel Michael and His Legions for protection against any lower vibrational energies you may encounter during your day. Sit quietly and take a few deep breaths to relax yourself and connect with Spirit. Then say:


“Archangel Michael; I ask You and Your Legions to seal my energy with the blue flame of protection and the mirrored shields of protection (a pyramid of outward facing mirrors) now and forever. I ask that Divine Light and Love only be allowed to enter or attach to my energy.”


If you are going into a particularly negative situation then you can also ask for “…kunzite, tanzanite and the protective shields of emerald green fluorite” to surround you.


You can also invoke this protection before you sleep. You may find that you sleep more peacefully this way.


St. Michael has two disclaimers about this protection. One is about the Universal Law that “like attracts like”. If you speak or think negatively then you will attract that into your energy – the shields don’t apply when you’re inviting the energy in. The second disclaimer is that if you have a soul agreement or karmic contract with someone, they’ll be able to hook into your energy regardless of any shielding. That’s where the next invocation comes in.




Your body is the best barometer you have to discover if you’ve taken on any lower vibrational energies. If you’re feeling discomfort anywhere in your body, particularly from the belly upwards, then you are probably carrying some density (heavier, lower vibrational energy). Breathe into the discomfort and allow yourself to feel it briefly. Then call in Archangel Michael and His Legions to clear it. You don’t need to analyze it (you don’t need to pick through the garbage to take it to the curb), and sometimes the mind will try to pick it apart to take you out of the feeling. The only way to release a feeling is to feel it (feel it, heal it, release it), so stay with the discomfort while you are saying the invocation. If you would like to, you can ask yourself, “whose stuff is this?” You’ll get quite clearly whether it’s “yours” or “not yours”. “Yours” means that it’s old emotional wounding being brought up for healing, so ‘feel it, heal it, release it’ for ten seconds and it should clear. “Not yours” means that you’ve picked up someone else’s negativity, probably having attracted it into your space through negative thinking or speaking. Or you might have a soul agreement with someone. The following invocation clears all of these things. To clear the soul agreement, you might also have to perform a ‘cord cutting’ with the person (or situation – they can be karmic as well). Stay conscious of your body feelings as much as possible and when you feel discomfort, breath and immediately say this invocation:



“Archangel Michael, I ask You and Your Legions to use Your flaming swords and clear my energy of any lower vibrational energies, entities or thought forms that I may have taken on, as well as any karmic or energetic cords I may have attached to others or they may have attached to me. By my will and the will of the Mighty I Am Presence, I command these things to leave immediately and irrevocably, now and forever. As I command it, so it is. I ask that these things be taken into Light to be transmuted into Divine Love so that all may be healed, or barring that, sent to the farthest reaches of the Universe where they may be rendered harmless.”


At this point you can then ask Michael to reseal the shields around you. When you begin doing this exercise in a conscious manner, you may find that you’re having to do it many times throughout your day. Don’t despair. As well as clearing your energy, you are also training your psyche to do it automatically. Within a few weeks you’ll find that you’re having to do the clearing less frequently as your vibration raises and you attract less negativity into your space.


The final part of this discourse will address practicing “good energetic hygiene”. Whether you are aware of it or not, science has shown us that each human body has an electromagnetic field around it. Our fields interact with others’ fields and there is a give and take of energy, both higher and lower. Your thoughts and words (which both originate in, and are powered by, your unconscious, unhealed feelings) will magnetically attract the vibrational level in which you are living at in any given moment, so it is helpful to stay conscious of how your body feels and shift whatever doesn’t feel good immediately. It is also helpful to clear your energy before you cross the threshold of your home, especially if you have been out in situations that have been draining or negative. Wiping your feet on an ‘energetic mat’ will help keep you from tracking all of that negativity into your living space. I encourage my clients to hang an ‘Apache worry basket’ outside their front door as a visual reminder to leave their ‘worries’ from the day outside their homes. Any attractive, EMPTY basket will do.


Clearing and Sealing One’s Space


Clearing your space on a regular basis is also important, as heavy, dense energy in your home will have a negative impact on relationships and the well-being of the people living there. Heavy energy can also bring about a feeling of general malaise and depression. If you find that once you have left your home your energy lifts, then you need to clear your space. This is as simple as dusting and vacuuming and much less physically strenuous. FYI, entities and other lower vibrational energies like to live in dust and dirt so it is helpful to keep your space physically clean as well. Ever wonder about those people whose homes are cluttered and dirty? They tend to be energetically sensitive people who have unconsciously attracted a lot of lower vibrational energy. It behooves these energies to keep the home dirty, so they create oppressive, depressive atmospheres that rob the person of any ability to change their situation. For these people, prayer helps a great deal, as any mention of the various names of God energy (whichever is meaningful to you) immediately raises the vibration of any space, as well as our own.


There are a number of ways to clear one’s space. One of the most effective is found in the book, “What Is Lightbody?” by Tashira Taichi-ren. She uses a ‘triple grid technique’ that entails using a number of high level beings to clear and seal the space. It is quick and painless and I use it myself when faced with really dense energy. Another way is to call upon Archangel Michael and His Legions and ask Him to clear the space. Visualize this as ‘white tornados’ moving through your home and ‘hoovering’ all of the lower vibrational energies out of your space and into Light to be healed. You then have Michael seal your space the same way He seals your energy. Afterwards, you can smudge with sage or frankincense and myrrh resins. Smudging by itself won’t be as effective as clearing first. If the space isn’t cleaned first, smudging is like spraying disinfectant over a decomposing body. It will clear out any residual negativity and repel anything new, but you’ve still got the decomposing body lying there. You will have to clear your space on a regular basis, just like housecleaning has to be done perpetually, especially if you live with people who unconsciously track their day across your kitchen floor, or if you live in connected buildings, such as condos or apartments. (Energy doesn’t recognize walls, floors or ceilings as barriers.) In really high traffic situations, you may have to clear every other day, or even every day.


Once you have done the clearing of your energy and of your space, you should notice an immediate difference in how you feel, especially if you were dealing with particularly dense energies. Clearing on a regular basis should actually help shift stagnation in other areas of your life as well.


© 2007 Reverend Mary L. Yankee