Clearing and Sealing Your Technology

Invocation to Clear and Seal Technology


Anything connected to cyber space can and will take on lower vibrational energies and entities. They use electrical impulses and energy waves as conduits and can also manipulate anything that uses these forms of technology. Especially susceptible is anything that connects to the internet. There is a great deal of nastiness floating out in cyberspace and it can quite literally come through your cell phone, laptop, PC or tablet and hook into your energy.

In order to keep your technology clear and your own vibration high, I have compiled an invocation using Archangel Michael to clear and seal your internet-connected technology so that any nastiness is kept within cyberspace and away from you.

This invocation should be done every day before you begin to use your computer or pick up your cell phone. If you are surfing through lower vibrational sites (including news sites or forums that are anger or fear based) during your day, then I would recommend clearing more often, and certainly at night after you have shut them down. Many people find that being on technology for long periods of time drains them. Doctors and psychologists have put forth numerous theories as to why this is, but metaphysically speaking, it is most likely that you have taken on an ‘energetic tick(s)’ and your life force energy is being siphoned off by these lower vibrational energies, entities or thought forms. You might also want to consider clearing and sealing your own energy using my invocation to Michael for that purpose. DO NOT SEAL YOUR PERSONAL ENERGY USING THE ‘INWARD FACING MIRRORS’ OF THIS INVOCATION! THIS WILL REFLECT ANY NEGATIVE THOUGHTS OR WORDS BACK AT YOU AND CAN THEREFORE CAUSE GREAT HARM TO YOU!

You begin by calling in Archangel Michael and His Legions:

“I call upon Archangel Michael and His Legions to be present with me at this time. Greetings, Archangel Michael and thank You for being and for loving.”

…and then continue from there:


“Archangel Michael, I ask that You and Your Legions use Your flaming swords and clear and cleanse my (cell phone, laptop, tablet, TV, etc.) of any lower vibrational energies, entities or thought forms that it may have taken on. By my will and by the will of the Mighty I Am Presence, I command these things to leave my (cell phone, laptop, etc.), immediately and irrevocably, now and forever. AS I COMMAND IT, SO IT IS!

Archangel Michael, I ask that You and Your Legions take everything into Light that it may be transmuted into Divine Love so that all may be healed, or barring that, send it to the farthest reaches of the Universe where they may be rendered harmless. Thank You.

Archangel Michael, I now ask that You and Your Legions seal my (cell phone, laptop, etc.) within a pyramid of inward facing mirrors and allow only Divine Love and Light to leave my (cell phone, laptop, etc.)’s energy. Thank You Archangel Michael and my thanks to Your Legions as well. Blessed be (or Amen).”

I recommend doing one piece of technology at a time, as attempting clearings of multiple devices at the same time seems to lessen the effectiveness of the prayer.


©2018 Reverend Mary L. Yankee