“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

~William Shakespeare

Have you ever…

  • Longed for clarity in mapping out your life goals and/or addressing the obstacles to achieving them?
  • Wanted to learn to connect with your own intuitive gifts and use them to make your life easier and more fulfilling?
  • Wanted to have clear guidance in the domains of love, career, family and health?
  • Desired highly personalized tools tailored specifically to aid you in living joyfully and passionately?
  • Longed to connect with a loved one who has passed?

If so, then read on!

Reverend Mary Yankee is a Newfield trained ontological life coach who has been working professionally as an intuitive/spiritual counselor for nearly 30 years. She has the ability to connect with a client’s own Divine Wisdom, as well as teaching them how to access it themselves as needed. She has received training in counseling and numerous self-help techniques which are just now emerging in the field of psychology. She comes by her intuitive and empathic abilities honestly, through her Hungarian gypsy lineage. Let her put her talents and training to work for you!

Mary Says…

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